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DIY Book Box

This Book Box was by far the most time consuming DIY project I've done, but also the most worthwhile. I encourage you to give it a shot!


- Thick, hard cover book

- Piece of scrap paper

- Mod Podge

- Sponge brush

- X-ACTO knife/really sharp blade/knife

- Pencil

- Scissors

- Ruler

- Belt with snaps

- a weight, or something really heavy


Step 1: Place your piece of scrap paper in between the front cover and the first page of your book. (This will ensure you can open the top of your box after you glue the rest of the pages together.) Close the book.

Step 2: Apply a decent amount of Mod Podge with the sponge brush to the closed pages of the book, on all sides, to seal them all together.

Step 3: Apply something heavy to your book. Wait 20 minutes for it to dry. Remove the weight.

Step 4: Test that everything is sealed and dry by lifting up the book and ensuring no pages are loose. Then remove the scrap paper from the book. (If you end up with the first page being loose, glue it to the rest of the pages.)

Step 5: Open your book to the front page and place your ruler along the inside edge. (My ruler was about 1 inch, which worked perfectly for the box size I wanted.) Use a pencil to draw the outline of the inside of your box by tracing along the ruler on all four sides.

Step 6: Use your sharp blade/knife (using the ruler to keep you on track in the beginning) to cut along your lines, getting as deep as you can. Proceed to remove the pages you cut through to, digging your way down until you've reached the depth you want for your box, or until you hit bottom.

Step 7: After cleaning up the inside to your liking, seal all four insides with Mod Podge and let dry for 20 minutes.

Step 8: Taking your belt and a pair of scissors, cut off the ends, leaving an inch or so of excess belt to glue onto your box.

Step 9: Use Mod Podge to glue the two pieces of belt to the top and bottom of the book, making it so the belt snaps can be a clasp to keep the box closed.

Step 10: Decorate your box however you wish! I used a stick-on flower bow and some lace.



- Clear page protector insert

- scissors

- clear tape

- Glue (optional)


Step 1: Starting at the bottom of the insert and working your way up and around, cut out the size of pocket you want.

Step 2: Use clear tape to close up the sides of your pocket.

Step 3: Tape/glue your pocket to the inside cover of your book box.

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