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DIY Stained Glass Art

This craft is great for kids of all ages (including adults)! The end results are endless, so give it a try!


- Frame (pick a size!)

- Hot glue

- Glitter glue

- Food colouring

- Tooth pick(s)


Step 1: Remove the back of the frame. Remove the glass, too.

Step 2: Heat up your hot glue gun and proceed to glue around the interior edge where the glass will be.

Step 3: Put the glass back in place and add another layer of hot glue around the edge to ensure the glass will stay in place without the back of the frame.

Step 4: Squeeze glitter glue on the glass in whatever form or fashion you like. Use lots!

Step 5: Drip food colouring all around the frame. When using multiple colours, be careful not to intertwine them too much, as this will result in dark blobs of ugly.

Step 6: Use a toothpick to spread and blend the food colouring, leaving some of the glass clear for light to shine through.

Step 7: Let dry and hang in a window!

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