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DIY Glow Jars

These lantern-like jars are a great idea for camping, sleepovers or just an evening outdoors. They take a matter of minutes to make and last for hours.


- Mason jar

- Glow stick

- Glue

- Glitter

- String

- Scissors


Step 1: Open the mason jar.

Step 2: Squeeze glue all around the inside of the mason jar for a cool abstract look and to help the other contents stick to the walls of the jar.

Step 3: Use scissors or some other sharp object to carefully cut open your glow stick (be careful: glow stick contents can stain!) and pour as much of it as you can into the jar.

Step 4: Add lots of glitter to the jar.

Step 5: Put the lid back on the mason jar.

Step 6: Shake the jar and all of its contents. A lot.

Step 7: Remove the lid.

Step 8: Tie both ends of your string around the open-holed lid of the mason jar on opposite sides to form a loop for hanging it.

Step 9: Cut any excess string and put the lid back on.

And there you have it: a glow jar.

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