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DIY Melted Crayon Art

Did you ever imagine you'd be able to make art with a blow dryer? Well today's you're lucky day. Watch and learn.


- Cardstock Paper

- Computer

- Printer

- Scissors

- Pencil

- Crayons

- Tape

- Blow Dryer

- Glue


Step 1: Pick a word. Type it out on a word document. Size it BIG. Spread out your letters to make them easier to cut out.

Step 2: Print it.

Step 3: Cut out your letters.

Step 4: Place them where you want them on your cardstock paper and trace around them. Remove the letters when you're done.

Step 5: Pick out the crayons you want to use and line them up at the top of your canvas. Then tape them in place.

Step 6: *This step may need another pair of hands and a mitt to protect from the heat.*

Hold your canvas up, crayons at the top, and blow dry them, letting the wax drip down the canvas. If you do not have enough crayons to cover the top of the canvas, repeat the last two steps.

Step 7: Remove the crayons from the canvas.

Step 8: Using glue, place your letters back in place over top of where you traced.

Step 9: Erase any visible pencil marks

Step 10: Cut along the top of the canvas to remove the blank space where the crayons were.

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