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DIY Tassle

Want something to spice up your gift bags or luggage? This cute little trick is just for you. It takes about five minutes and just three basic things.


- Assorted yarn

- String

- Scissors


Step 1: Wrap yarn around your hand a few times (or an object like a small book). You can use one colour, or a few. For one colour you'd want to wrap it around more times, whereas if you're using a few different pieces of yarn, only wrap each of them around 3-4 times.

Step 2: Carefully remove from hand/object and place on flat surface.

Step 3: Cut off some string at least six inches long and wrap it around the centre of your yarn. Tie it in a double knot.

Step 4: Fold all of the string over onto one side of the knot and flatten it.

Step 5: Cut off another piece of string a little bit shorter than the last and tie it about 1/3 from the top of your tassle. Cut off any excess string.

Step 6: While you're at it, even out the bottom strings with your scissors, too.

Step 7: Tie the two strings at the top of your tassle together to form a loop. *Though if you're planning to tie it around something, do that.*

Ta da! A beautiful tassle you can use however you wish.

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