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DIY Musical Frame

Have some old sheet music lying around? Got a frame you don't know what to do with? I have the perfect solution.


- Frame

- Sheet music

- Printer

- Computer

- Scissors


Step 1: Find a frame.

Step 2: Choose an image with a transparent background. Either the ones provided*, or look for images on Google with the white and grey boxes behind them and make sure when downloaded it stays that way. (You don’t want a white box appearing behind the image on the sheet music.)

Step 3: Size and format the image the way you want it on the page. (I use Microsoft Word and switch the text wrapping to “through” to make things easier.)

Step 4: Place the musical sheet paper in the printer, replacing whatever paper was going to be used next.

Step 5: Print it.

Step 6: Measure your masterpiece with the frame you chose using the glass as a guide. If it’s too big for the frame, place the glass on the image mimicking how you want it in the frame and trace around it. Proceed to cut along the lines.

Step 7: Place the finished product in your frame and enjoy its beauty.

*Use the following link for some design options:

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