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DIY String Art


Art on a budget: all of the things you need to make it can be found at your local dollar store!


- a printer/paper

- A canvas

- clear tacks

- colourful string

- scissors


Step 1: Find and print the piece you would like to do. (Keep it extremely simple with as little overlapping as possible.)

Step 2: Place your printed out design on the canvas the way you want it.

Step 3: Use the clear tacks to outline the design on the canvas, puncturing it. For rounder shapes, keep the tacks closer together. For a more geometric look, spread 'em out.

Step 4: Remove the tacks and the paper with your design. You'll be left with a polk-dotted canvas.

Step 5: Put all of the tacks back in the holes.

Step 6: Pick out the coloured string you want and use it to tie a knot around the tack you'll be starting with. Cut any excess string off.

Step 7: Loop the string around the tacks one to two times outlining the shape. Continue this around the design. When you need to switch colours or tackle a different section, tie the string you were using around your last tack and cut off excess string. Then just repeat the following steps for each element of your design.

You'll be left with some awesome string art!

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