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DIY Temporary Tattoo

Want the tattoo without the commitment?

Here’s a temporary tattoo technique just for you:


-The Internet

- Printer

- Paper

- Scissors

- Eyeliner/Sharpie

- Baby powder

- Hairspray


Step 1: Find your perfect tattoo.

Step 2: Make it the right size and print it.

Step 3: Cut it out. (This doesn’t have to be perfect… just make it smaller so it’s easier.)

Step 4: Trace it with eyeliner or Sharpie. (For simple design like the one in the video you can just colour the whole thing. For things that will involve more colouring in, just trace the outline to make it easier)

Step 5: Apply the tattoo-on-paper to wherever you want it and rub/push hard so that the ink transfers onto your skin as much as possible.

Step 6: Using the faint outline you now have as a guideline, colour the rest in with the eyeliner/Sharpie.

Step 7: To help it stay on longer, apply baby powder, patting/spreading gently. Then wipe it off.

Step 8: Apply a bunch of hairspray for the same reason.

Step 9: Enjoy your awesome tattoo... temporarily.

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