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DIY Glitter Bookmark

Getting sick of dog-eared pages or want a fun new bookmark to jazz up your reading?

This glitter bookmark takes only a matter of minutes and the most basic materials to make.


- A business envelope with a clear address window

- scissors

- confetti

- clear tape

- a single hole punch

- string


1. Cut around the clear address window of the business envelope leaving a few centimetres of space around the edges.

2. Tape the edges together.

3. Cut up confetti.

4. Fill bookmark with confetti.

5. Punch a hole in the top.

6. Cut a piece of string approximately two times the size of the length of the bookmark.

7. Fold the string in half and loop the folded end through the hole at the top of the bookmark. Loosen the looped part and slide the two ends through it. Then pull tight.

8. Fold the top tips of the string over and tie the folded part into a knot, keeping the knotted ball as far down as possible. Then cut the loop that is left over and any excess string to form the tassel.

Now you should have a fine looking bookmark!

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: Don't be afraid to jazz it up even more with stickers or washi tape.

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