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Try it Tuesday: Encaustic Cards

Make beautiful cards in five minutes with Cathie Hamilton from the Kingston School of Art.


*All special encaustic materials can be bought through Cathie Hamilton at Email or call 613-530-2636.*

- Sealed cards

- Coloured encaustic wax

- Encaustic iron

- Kleenex

- Scribe/Stylus (optional)


Step 1: Set iron heat to low.

Step 2: Paint iron with coloured wax. (For a design similar to the first one in the video, use a striped pattern.)

Step 3: Wipe the coloured iron across the paper to cover it. Then move it around in different ways to create different textures and patterns. Try lifting it up off the paper while you wipe, wiggle it, dab it, swirl it etc.

Step 4: When you like what you see, wipe it down with a Kleenex to give it some shine. (Don't worry, the wax dries in a matter of seconds!)

Step 5: (optional) If you have a stylus, scribe or something of the sort, you can then add additional layers of detail with the wax, or scratch out a sketch on your design, such as the castle or inuksuk done in the video. Get creative!

Step 6: (optional) Just like before, follow up with a wipe of the Kleenex.

Step 7: Step back and admire your work of art!

*For encaustic workshops (supplies included) with artist Cathie Hamilton, keep an eye on the Kingston School of Art's website:*

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