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Try it Tuesday: Light Photography

Want fun ways to use a camera or a great activity for camping? Try light photography:


- The dark

- A light source (sparkler, flash light, glow stick, etc.)

- A camera with manual setting


Step 1: Make sure it's very dark out/in the room. Pitch black preferably.

Step 2: Put your camera on its manual setting. (For Canons it's usually a knob at the top with the letter M being the setting you want.)

Step 3: Scroll your shutter speed as far down as it will go until it displays "BULB." (The shutter speed is the one that is formatted like 1/80, 0"4, etc.)

Step 4: Set the aperture up to approximately F16.

Step 5: Set the ISO down to approximately 100 (depending on how bright your light is. If it's too dark after taking a picture, bring the ISO up.)

Step 6: Light your light!

Step 7: Get someone to hold the light in front of the camera, far enough back so that you can fit the design in the picture. The farther back the better if you want a bigger "canvas" for design.

Step 8: Hold down your shutter release button (the one that takes the picture) and don't let go until the person with the light is done moving it around to make whatever design wanted. Try to stay as steady and still as possible while holding down the button.

Step 9: Have fun with it! You can go abstract, make shapes, outline the body of people, write names, or whatever else you come up with.

Step 10: When the design is done, release the button and have a look at the awesome pictures you just took.

(It may take a few tries to get it just right.)

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