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Ashley Taylor Clark

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My Mom was always the one with a camera at family gatherings and on every vacation. With an entire wall filled with photo albums, it really was no surprise when I felt the urge to pick up a camera at a young age.

As someone with no ability to create art with my hands, photography was a fantastic way for me to capture the beautiful things in life as opposed to trying – and failing– to draw, sketch or paint them.

In high school, I took photography and yearbook for two years and graphic design for three and was at the top of my class in each. I took my camera everywhere... it was my prom date. 

When people started becoming interested in my photography I decided to launch my own business and began casually doing paid photo shoots. I designed my own logo, website, business cards and brochures. 

After high school, I was accepted into the Journalism: Online, Print and Broadcast program at Loyalist College. I was taught all about videography and I continued developing my photography skills by landing a photographer job at the college.

After completing that program I decided to go back for the Public Relations and Event Management. program. This was where I discovered a had a real knack for digital marketing, which combined all of the skills I've been developing for years: photography, videography, website design & graphic design.

Currently, this is all a side gig of mine (for now). Outside of Ashley Taylor Media, I work as a full-time Banquet Director at the Italo-Canadian Club of Kingston.

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